Foredeck Arrangement for Small Trimarans

The bow area on most small trimarans is congested with the headsail furler, pulpit, cleats, furling lines, the bow pole, and the anchor hatch and bow roller. Possibly an anchor winch on deck as well. Must of don't need the figurehead. The layout of all this equipment is complicated by the need to have the anchor able to be easily deployed and retrieved without hitting the hull and without the anchor line fouling the bobstay. And we want to be able to mount the anchor ready for quick deployment in a crowded anchorage. How best to arrange all of of this equipment for practicality, convenience and have a reasonably tidy looking foredeck? 


Note this discussion is particularly relevant to trimarans above about 30'/9.2m LOA because they are likely to require a bow roller, and an anchor winch as they get a bit larger than that. In the larger size range - say above about 50' or so trimarans can often make do without a bow pole (or prodder as some call them).