Hull Shoes are the only major component of the boat that is not built from directly from panels. Shoes are available ready made from Waarschip Shipyard in the Netherlands.


Shoes are made one off with PVC sheet foam cores, quadraxial fabrics and epoxy resins. They can be ordered CE compliant with consolidated laminate in way of rudder stocks and dagger case exit points. 


For more information contact Roelof Niezen

The price includes shipping cradles and temporary BH's to stabilise the hull.

The Raku 40 and 44 can be shipped intact in a 40' Container and the 44 will fit in a 45' Container. The 48 and 52 are shipped in two parts with a joining flange.

 Shoe prices ex Waarschip in the Netherlands

Raku 36    €41,300

Raku 40   €44920

Raku 44   €50510

Raku 48   €58443

Raku 52   €65214

Prices are in Euros and may be subject to change without notice.