1. DuFlex Kits

The Duflex Kit was developed by ATL Composites in Australia. The kits are sold world wide by ATL Composites and in Europe by VDL Composites. A kit can be configured to any design that your designer is willing to create cutting files or, monohull, catamaran, trimaran. It will usually  incorporate all of the flat panels in the design, material for strip planking if there are compounded surfaces, and even a set mould frames and strongbacks with notches accurately located to stand the mould frames.

The panels are laminated in a press, the shapes are CNC routed to the cutting files provided by the designer and the panels are joined on the build site with ATL's proprietary "Z Join" system.

Duflex kits can greatly streamline the build process, significantly reducing labour hours for the project, and you have the benefit of laminates manufactured under controlled conditions; achieving a fibre fraction that is very difficult to match with hand laminating techniques.

Duflex kit image
A typical Duflex kit for a Raku Catamaran

2. Custom Kits

Custom kits can be prepared to order for custom designs, or for the cutting of full size panels for Raku and Sensori Designs where the builder is using his or her own laminating and CNC equipment. Kits can include the entire the vessel or just bulkheads, floor and other flat panels.

One advantage of using your own laminating process and CNC equipment is that you can make the panels full size on a large laminating table, or up to 12m long if they are to be trucked or shipped in a container.

It is strongly recommended that custom made panels be either vacuum laminated or infused rather than hand laminated.

If you are making your own panels in the boat shop but don't have CNC facilities you could have a set of plywood or mdf templates CNC'd off site to cut the shapes required in the assembly.