"NEW" Grainger 920 Mini Cruiser

This is a brand new design and we're hoping to get it into production sometime soon. We don't have a lot of technical details on the design yet but we have built a page to kick things off.

You can see it here:

We created the Raku range to bring together all of the best features and technologies of the cruising cats we've developed over the last 30 plus years.


 Raku's sleek profile presents a clean modern style, but more than that it helps to clean up the air flow, improving performance and expanding the horizons of your journey.


The Raku cats draw on the latest technology in design and construction, with carbon fibre deployed strategically for optimum strength, stiffness and light weight. 


The Raku cats incorporate innovative construction techniques for simplicity and minimum cost. 


The Raku cats offer a level of


comfort, performance and


style unrivaled in the world


of high performance cruising





Logo image for link to Raku 43 Page with details

RAKU 54 Details here

Raku 54 Catamaran Profile image for Cats Page
Raku 54 Cruising Catamaran

Raku 60 image link to page for more details
Raku 60 Cruising Catamaran


Latest News!

Ullman Sails is the new Australian Multihull Champion.

Ullman Sails wins the Australian Multihull Championships
Ullman Sails at the Australian Multihull Championships 2017