What is Raku?

Raku is our range of high performance cruising cats designed to take you on the voyage of your own design. Raku range inherits more than 30 years of experience designing yachts that have served as a home to families and adventurous seafarers who have circled the globe, explored some of the most remote corners of our planet, and on occasions mixed with the action in some of the more exotic racing venues around the world.


With more than 30 years of experience designing cruising multihulls we understand two things.

The first is that you want lively responsive performance.

The second is that you need load carrying ability for that extended cruise or ocean crossing.

We design with these factor in mind, so we provide our designs with a generous displacement that will ensure that fully loaded you retain good wing deck clearance, and you're not digging big holes in the water by dragging your transoms.

The displacement is the amount of buoyancy we design into the hulls. Your boat will sail better if your actual weight is not more than your designed displacement.


Being realistic about the weight in the design stage, and allowing for a reasonable payload is one of the keys to a successful sailing yacht design, and one of the reasons our designs are so highly regarded as cruising boats.



Raku cats are built in foam/glass composite using PVC foam cores with epoxy glass skins. The hull bottoms are rounded for efficiency and good seakeeping properties. All of the Rakus are designed for simple, economical construction without compromising the style. They can be built from any method that employs CNC cut panels including ATL's Duflex kits which include foam/glass CNC cut panels, material for strip planking the hull bottoms, temporary mould frames and strong-backs. Additional materials including resins, carbon and glass reinforcements, tapes, glue cartridges and fillers are also included in the kits.

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RAKU32 is manufactured by Yacht Service in Poland and available in two models; Racing and Cruising.

Raku32 is not available for kit construction. 

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Raku 44






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Raku 52


Each and every Raku is a uniques design in its own right. We configure the plans and the cutting files for the kit to suit your personal requirements so the boat you build or have built makes a statement about the way you choose to sail. Configure your boat from the list of options below, and if you need some help to do this we're just an email and a Skype call away.


 Design Options fo the Raku Cats.

1. Fixed Keels or Daggers; For all of the Rakus choose between fixed keels and dagger boards. Daggers are standard. Fixed keels are the option.


2. Configure the Cabin BH to your preferences. The door width can be varied to account for the degree you widh to open the saloon up to the cockpit.

You can order the kit without the doorway cutout if you wish to leave the decision until later. 


3. Helm Station aft or Fwd on the Cabin BH. If you have the helm station aft you need twin helms for good visibility. Helm fwd can be single or twin.


4. Interior Layout; Add a bathroom, move a bathroom, add or delete a cabin. Fwd berth in the hull or up on the wing deck.


5. Saloon Furniture Module. Standard interior kits are available for most of the Raku designs, but we can also draw up a kit to your own design preferences on request. 


6. Plans and Specifications for ISO compliance. For boats to be built in, or imported to Europe, or if you are planning to charter, you may need to meet CE or other Standards Enquire about the cost of having your boat engineered to ISO standards for CE compliance.


We've built a new cockpit arrangement for Raku that eliminates the need for two helm options. The new arrangement addresses nine points including visibility from the helm, access on and off the boat, and ventilation to the aft cabin.

See all nine cockpit design features here.

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