With new design features, new models, fresh styling, and a great range of build solutions to suit your budget and your building skills.

New Design Features

At the top of the list of design options is the spacious open saloon arrangement that features a seamless transition between the saloon and the cockpit, effectively creating a spacious living area with a broad canvas of possible layout arrangements. In the smaller size range (30' and 40') the Squareback Hull Design offers the possibility of fitting kick up rudder systems and outboard motors.

New Styling

In December we developed a new cabin shape that combines ease of construction with a free standing shade roof over the cockpit, excellent forward vision and styling that provides increased headroom in the saloon while maintaining a sleek sporting profile. That new cabin style is now available on all of the Raku cats.

New Models.

Raku 43 and 48 retain their original layouts incorporated with the new styling. We've brought the Grainger 920 into the Raku Model range and added Raku 40. The Raku 54 becomes Raku 52 incorporating the new styling and design features.

More Build Options

We are currently working with two professional yacht building companies, one in Thailand and one in Brazil to offer a specification and price for one or more of the boats in the Raku range. More builders are likely come on board over time. We are also working with materials suppliers to be able to offer materials packages and CNC routed kits for all of the boats in the Raku range. Pricing for the Raku 52 is available now.


Lots more information on the new Raku range will made available on our we site in the coming weeks.

RAKU 52 Details here

Raku 52 Catamaran Profile image for Cats Page
Raku 52 Performance Cruising Catamaran


Ullman Sails is the new Australian Multihull Champion.

Ullman Sails wins the Australian Multihull Championships
Ullman Sails at the Australian Multihull Championships 2017