Barefoot 45

Barefoot 45 catamaran render-01

Barefoot 45 Accommodation Layouts

Barefoot catamaran rig plan profile

Barefoot 45 Combines modern style with great sailing qualities and a host of features that make this a highly capable cruising boat. Barefoot 45 features open living spaces, a generous shaded cockpit area and ample payload capacity.


Barefoot 45 features a range of design options including a variety of layout possibilities and the choice between fixed keels and daggerboards.


Barefoot 45 can be buildt from plans, from a DuFLEX kit, or ordered complete and ready to sail.


LOA 13.7m 45'
 BOA 7.6m  25'
Hull draft  700mm 2'2"
Draft fixed keel 1100mm 3'7"
Draft daggerboard down 2.6m 8'6"
Disp DWL* 8685kg 19107lb
Disp -50mm (2") 9738kg 21423lb
Disp +50mm (2") 7667kg 16867lb
B:L ratio DWL 1:13  
Wetted area 2 hulls 38.2sq.m. 411sq.ft
Wetted area 2 keels 9sq.m. 97sq.ft
Bridge clearance DWL 850mm 2'10"
Sail Area M+FT 122sq.m. 1314sq.ft
Mast Length 18.5m 60'7"
Headroom saloon 1.9m 6'5"
Headroom in hulls 1.9m 5'10"
Engine 2 x Yanmar 3JH5E or 4JH5E
Fuel 2 x 300 litres 2 x 79 US gals.
Water 2 x 400 litres 2 x 88 US gals.

*Note on Displacement, the first Barefoot 45 to be sailing, Equinox weights 7.8 tonnes fully laden in cruising mode.