Raku 52 Specifications

Displacement and Trim

Load Case 1. DWL

Displacement 11392kg
 B:L Ratio on the WL  1 : 13.35
Wing Clearance Fwd 1m /3'3"
Wing Clearance Aft 960mm

Load Case 2. DWL+50mm

Displacement 12820kg
 B:L Ratio on the WL  1 : 13.12
Wing Clearance Fwd 950mm /3'1"
Wing Clearance Aft 910mm

Load Case 3. DWL+100mm

Displacement 14390kg
 B:L Ratio on the WL  1 : 12.89
Wing Clearance Fwd 910mm /3'1"
Wing Clearance Aft 860mm

Load Case 4. DWL-50mm

Displacement 10012kg
 B:L Ratio on the WL  1 : 13.6
Wing Clearance Fwd 1050mm
Wing Clearance Aft 1010mm

Load Case 5. DWL-100mm

Displacement 7428kg
 B:L Ratio on the WL  1 : 14.15
Wing Clearance Fwd 1100mm /3'1"
Wing Clearance Aft 1060mm


Load Case 1 is the boat sitting on its designed waterline as you see in the drawings and renderings. It's a realistic weight for a fully loaded long term cruiser. Load case 2 allows for more fuel, water and equipment. Load case 3 is the maximum displacement.

Load case 4 is a typical sailing weight lightly loaded and to achieve Load Case 5 would take great care with the construction and some restraint with the fit-out.

If we use Load Case 4 as the base weight then the payload is 4.39 tonnes.