raku 60 sails and rig

raku 60 specifications

 LOA 18.3m           60'           
BOA  8.8m
Beam CL-CL 3.4m 11'2"
Hull Draft  645mm 2'2"
Beam WL 1332mm 4'4"
B:L Ratio 1:13.8  
Wetted area 2 hulls 56.9sq.m. 612sq.ft.
Bridgedeck clearance DWL 1m 3'3"
Headroom in saloon 2m
Headroom in hulls 2m 6'6"

raku 60 weight and displacement

 Disp. DWL (Max Disp.) 16310kg  35882lb
DWL+50mm 14524kg 31953lb
DWL+100mm 12826kg 28217lb
DWL+150mm 11200kg 24640lb
Sinkage rate 2 hulls 368kg/cm

Typical cruising weight is between 14000kg (30800lb) and 14500kg (31900lb) based on typical construction methods and typical equipment specification.