What's in a Raku kit?

What options are available?


Use the information on this page to configure your Raku Kit.


If you want to build the hull shoes from locally sourced materials or have them supplied by a professional builder we can reduce the price of the kit accordingly.

If you prefer to build the boat from our plans using locally sourced materials please contact us and we will provide a quote to supply the plans and cutting files.


This is the full kit for the Raku 44 catamaran, Panels are colour coded for  various components in the boat but some of the components of different colors share the same laminate. The exact nesting of the panels may vary from design to another depending on the optimum fit for the panels.


Kits Have PVC foam cores with Glass Skins and West System Resin


All kits include additional resin, carbon and glass reinforcements and ancillary items including tapes, peel ply glue cartidges, Microlight and Microsphere fillers.


The kits re manufactured by ATL Composites in Australia and by VDL Composites in Germany for the European Market


The kit shown in these images is the Raku 44. The configuration of the kits for the other Raku designs is very similar.

Module 1 includes the strong backs, the hull shoe mould frames, the cabin top mould frames and the hull cradles CNC cut in MDF or plywood. It also includes the panels fo make the strips for the planking of the hull bottoms and the fibreglass to finish the laminating of the hulls bottoms.

KIT MODULE 2. Laminate-01


Module 2. Laminate-01 includes the hull sides, the chamfers, the decks, the cabin side panels and the beams to support the cantilevered cabin top. 



Module 2. Laminate-04 BH's, wing frames and floor panels



Module 2. Laminate-04 Aft cabin and decks for helm forward version.

Choose between the forward helm and aft helm version when offering the kit. The price is the same for both versions.



Module 2. Laminate-04 Aft cabin and decks for helm aft version.

Module 2 Laminate-04 The forebeam is part of the standard kit. If a longeron is being used it is treated as a separate module. 


Module-02 Laminate-04 Aft Beam


Module 2. Laminate 4. Central bathroom stbd side.

A second centre bathroom for the port side can be ordered as an option



Module 2 Laminate 04. Transom Steps



Module 2. Laminate-04 dagger cases.

Included with standard kit

Module 2 Laminate-04 Mini Keels Option. Add one Laminate 04 panel to kit price.

The Companionway Bulkhead

The companionway Bulkhead. Three options for the size of the door opening are provided for in the plans. We supply the BH with the openings marked but not cut out so you can choose the size of the opening you wish to use. Note that the size of the opening will affect the layout in the saloon.


If you choose the open arrangement with the wide door and don't have the sill at the bottom of the door you will need a transverse beam under the wing deck and a grate to allow water to escape from the cockpit sole.

 The transverse beam can be made up from left over material in the kit.

All three options are available in the standard kit. No change in price.


We provide plans for the building of a composite forebeam and catwalk. At this time plans are not available for the longeron but we have a number of manufacturers listed in our partners network who can quote to supply.

Materials and components for the forebeam and catwalk (or longeron) are not included in the standard kit price.

Forebeam and Catwalk


Forebeam and Longeron

Kit Module 10. Cabinets and Seating in the Saloon

A range of standard modules will be available and custom furniture modules for the saloon can be designed on request. The saloon furniture is not included in the standard kit price.