Component Parts and Building Systems to enhance possibilities in custom and one off boat building.

Design is at its best when it is unconstrained by limitations in manufacturing technology. 

Products are at their best when design and manufacture work in synchronicity.


We've created Contour Systems to take advantage of advances in manufacturing technology, to  integrate design and manufacturing technology in the interest of making custom and one off boat building  faster, cleaner, and generally more cost effective to build.

Contour Systems in development now

Full size infused CNC panels - up to 12m long x 2.3m wide (internal container dimensions) available to order for the full range of Raku Cats from Raku 35 up to Raku 52.

For topside panels longer than 12m a rebate is provided for a bonding tape. Panels will have an A Class finish on the external surface, significantly reducing fairing and surface preparation time.


We expect to be able to announce a range of manufactured components including rudders, daggerboards and cases, fore beams, prodders and possibly moulded hull shoes for some Raku models.

Comprehensive 3D modeling allows us to provide files for the efficient manufacture of a wide range of components including interior kits.