PARTNERS NETWORK is a program to reduce the complexity, the uncertainty and the waste of time and effort in planning, pricing and building one off yachts.

The partners network is equally for the benefit of our customers and the marine professionals who contribute to the completed project.


It's about getting the right information to the people who need it and streamlining the communication channels between customers and marine professionals. Check out the partnership network here:

Articles on Multihull Build Methods, Kits and Project Pricing

Engineering and Structural Design

Folding trimaran cross beam design

We've come up with a new way of building beams for production folding trimarans which makes significant improvements to the structural features of existing beams while retaining ease of construction. 

You can see the new design and read about the issues that inspired us to come up with the new design.



Our Record is on the Record

A Register of known structural issues with our designs

We have prepared a register of known structural issues with our boats since Born to Run was launched in 1986.


There are two reasons for doing this.

The first is so you know the truth about our safey record. The second is that it keeps us focused on structures and thinking of ways to improve structures. That’s one list we don’t want to grow.

You can see the list here: