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Congratulations to the crew and owners of APC Mad Max, Airplay and Bare Essentials. The three Grainger Designs competing in division 1 at the 2015 Australian Multihull Nationals took 1st, 2nd and 4th placings on OMR in the order above, and APC Mad Max won line honours in each of the seven racesand was also first on EHC.


The early races saw highly competitive racing for the OMR title between Max and Airplay, mostly in fresh and very fresh breeze. The result could have gone either way right up to the last race which was sailed in light air. Mad Max carried the small screecher upwind and nailed the series with a 23 minute margin over the line after completing the course in 1h. 15min., more than enough to seal the deal on OMR.


Right up until the last race it could have been 1,2 and 3 for Grainger Designs with Bare Essentials jousting with the F32srcx Carbon Credit for third place. Congratulations to Carbon Credit owner Peter Hawker for taking out 3rd placing. It's great to see a Farrier trimaran mixing with the action in Division 1.


Images are from the Smeaton photography web site

Multihulls on the start line Australian Multihull Championships

APC Mad Max, Tony Considine

ocean sports 11 gets refit- looks cool

It’s one of the earliest tube cats from Grainger Designs, designed in the early 1990’s and the first example was built in Northern Queensland. 

Warren Innes has purchased the boat and just about completed a nine month refit that includes lengthening the transoms (she’s nearly 40’ long now), moving the dagger cases to the inboard hull side, plumbing up the bows and new beam connections.

Warren was hoping to have the boat competing in Brisbane to Gladstone 2015 but it looks like he’s going to run out of time.

Judging from the photos he’s done a great job and we look forward to some shots of the boat sailing.

R40 high performance trimaran

The R40 is a high performance cruising trimaran being planned for the 40’ and under class of the Round Britain and Ireland Race 2018.

R40 features a main hull with two double cabins, but will be light enough and fine enough in the main hull to provide the Class 40’s with some real competition, and to allow for the boat to be delivered from the builder in two containers ready for final assembly.

tr10 trimaran - a blast from the past

In the projects page of the Grainger Designs web site I mentioned the TR10 trimaran and published a drawing of the design because I didn’t have a photo and in fact had never seen one. 

Trijnie Dijkhuis saw the post and kindly sent me photos of two TR10’s, Aquarius and Libra Volante based in Holland for which I was very grateful.

Both boats were built at Simon Rhebergens yard in Amsterdam in the mid 1990’s, as was Trijnie’s own TR40 Yana.

The boat in the image at rght is Aquarius.

Indian Chief in Action

Darren Drew's 30' Indian Chief has an impressive racing history including winner of the 2012 Australian Multihull National Championships. Indian Chief has been getting some feisty competition recently from Chris Williams' Seacart 30 Morticia, who beat Indian Chief to take out the National Championships in Port Lincoln this year (2014).


Morticia also beat Indian Chief in the recent Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Race after overtaking the Chief near the half way mark.


It's an interesting dynamic with Indian Chief often showing superior boat speed whenever she's able to fly the windward hull but Morticia being clearly faster in the light air. Both boats are based on Pittwater north of Sydney. The cat versus trimaran debate is alive and well and no doubt we're going to see more lively competition.