Raku Design Features

choose the way you helm your Raku

Standard Raku has twin helm wheels aft in the cockpit. If you like to be up high for better vision you can move the helm up the BH and this gives you the option of just one helm station. And if you like to steer with a tiller that option is available as well.

At right; Tiller and kayak seat helm setup for the Raku 40. A similar arrangement is available for the other Rakus

fin keels or daggers

Dagger boards provide optimum upwind performance and reduced wetted area for downwind performance.

Raku's fin keels are fuss free and well proportioned for good all round performance.

The choice is yours with Raku

cockpit open to the saloon - or classic layout

The Classic Layout (left) has been very popular arrangement in our designs. Typically the saloon doors are between 1.1m and 1.5m wide - offering ample space on the saloon bulkhead for counter tops and storage.

The open layout (right) opens up the bulkhead between the cockpit and the saloon, offering another range of layout options including the one shown here with a generous lounge in the saloon that can also serve as a double berth.

Clean open cockpit design

Step aboard any Raku and access the cockpit without ducking your head, or even worse, risking an injury.

All Rakus from 40' up feature a walkway at wing deck level at least 450mm wide and a minimum of 1.9m head clearance between the aft helm station and the aft beam.

The cockpit shade roof is self supporting with beams that extend forward into the cabin leaving the cockpit free of support columns,

plan, price and shop electrical systems with OBMG

Shop online for all of your electrical system requirements with OBMG.

OBMG are happy to make recommendations and put together a comprehensive package for your Raku at highly competitive pricing.

They can also provide the professionals to do the installation regardless where in the orld you are located.

plan, price and shop deck layouts with Upffront

Each Raku comes with a Deck Plan and a list of the Deck Hardware and Sail Controls you'll need.

Use this list to choose between the various brands and features. Upffront allows you to select on price and specification - and they're happy to provide you with expert advice if you need it.