Sensori 58 features the Master Suite concept with a generously proportioned double cabin on the wing deck forward of the saloonand dedicated ensuite forward in the hull.


It builds on the design work we did for the Longreach designs but the Sensori 58 takes the concept a step further by enlarging the  accommodation spaces and streamlining the form to reduce drag and enhance the visual appeal of the design.


Performance and fuel economy have been optimised by using semi displacement hull forms to reduce wetted area and maximising the hull spacing to reduce wave drag in the tunnel.


The flybridge has been kept within modest proportions to maintain a low wind profile and a low centre of gravity to mimise motion in a seaway.

Above all the Sensori 58 sits squarely within our design philosophy of long fine hulls for a given accomodation concept to promote sea kindly motion and efficiency under power.


There's  fundamental truth about this Master Suite concept that can drive a designer nuts if he or she cared about things like wing deck clearance, headroom in the cabins, forward visibility and visual appeal of the exterior. That truth has a very specific location. It's at the bulkhead that divides the forward cabin from the saloon.


You want that bulkhead far enough forward to provide a spacious saloon, and you also want headroom forward of the bulkhead in the master suite. And if you can get standing headroom right to the forward end of that forward cabin so much the better. Visibility forward throws another challenge into this design dilemma because the bulkhead that divides the master suite from the saloon obstructs the view forward from the saloon. 






For the master suite suite concept these design challenges are fairly easily solved if you're happy to disregard the design criteria such as wing deck clearance, windage and aesthetics, but if you wish to retain all of those qualities in an elegant design then you really need to stretch to around 56-58' or so LOA, and you pretty much rely on a flybridge location for the helm station to have good forward visibility.


The design program for the Sensori 58 took all of these issues on board, and included the desire to seriously address the issue of reduced drag for extended range and economy of operation.


Resolving all of the stated design requirements didn't quite drive us nuts, but it did take a concerted effort over time and a lot of design work that at various times looked promising but was eventually scrapped for lack of a truly elegant solution. Finally the result you see here was achieved in just a few hours by taking our 78' LOA Sensori design, downsizing and doing a bit of tweaking of the lines.


Engine options include Yanmar 6LY inboard diesels, Twin Oxe 300HP diesel outboards and hybrid diesel electric systems.