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Float or Fly- Foils in the mix at Airlie and Hammo

For the first time in OMR racing a fully foiling cat mixed with the action at Airlie Beach Race Week and Hamilton Island race Week 2016. So how did the GC32 perform against the other boats competing and what are the implications, if any, for the OMR?

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Optimising Hull Lines for Performance

The lines the 8.5m Livewire sports cat raised a question about the kink in the rocker line. In this article I've addressed the top of rocker profile, hull fineness ratio, and importance of asymmetry in the water planes for pitch damping. See the article here

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What Makes Max Fast

Mad Max has been dominating the inshore race results in Australia for quite some time now and is the current title holder (2015) of the Australian Multihull Championships having won the series on OMR and taking line honours in every race. 

So what makes Max Fast?

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Time Has Come

Time has Come is the latest article on the pages of the LAB

It's a story in two parts about a new racing trimaran on the Australian circuit, Put together by Tony Grainger with assistance from Time Machine's owner Matt von Bibra, it refers to Time Machine's design heritage, its history, and provides some interesting details about the design.

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Trimaran Time Machine racing

Time Machine competing in the Australian Multihull Championships in Brisbane 2017. Julie Geldard photo.

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Multihull Performance - how fast really?

We all know about the bar talk and some of the wild claims that are made about boat performance. We've put together some information about the factors that determine the performance of multihull yachts and some of the ways that performance can be measured and predicted.

And we propose a more credible method for yacht manufacturers to promote the performance potential of their products.

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Where are the mid sized multis - the case for a class 40 trimaran?

In the 2015 Fastnet Race high performance multihulls dominated the elapsed time results but multihulls were poorly represented in the under 60' LOA size range. Where were the multihulls in the mid size range? We take a look and make some suggestions.