Profile of flying fish 45
Flying Fish 45

24th Sept 2014

Flying Fish 45 added to the product lineup.

We've been working on a bigger version of the Flying Fish Eleven for some time and the modelling work is now complete. The concept is the same as the Flying Fish Eleven. It has an open bridge deck which makes it ideal for dive charter and other day charter operations. Flying Fish is also ideal for bareboat charter for two couples if fitted with heads forward in boath hulls.

It can also be be fitted with a sun cover and even a permanent cabin top. 

Down below there are queen size double berths aft in each hull and a galley amidships in the stbd hull. There is room for an additional berth forward if there is only one head.

The drawings will be formatted for panel construction using ATL's Duflex kits.

catamaran kit assembly image-01

We have a lineup of twelve totally modern high performance designs, all based on proven and popular design concepts that have evolved since we began designing leading edge multihulls in 1986. 

The range includes the six catamarans (Flying Fish 45 is coming) and the two offshore trimarans on these pages. It also includes the four folding trimarans on the Rocket Factory web site.

We’re working with ATL composites to develop the full range of kits (some are available already) with ease of construction and cost saving at the forefront. The kits will have technical support from ATL Composites and the design work will be supported by Grainger Designs. The building information includes detailed plans, 3D assembly drawings and photographs of projects under way or already completed.

Contact us now for pricing information and availability.

Trevor Gill's home built Barefoot 40 is well advanced and looking good. Trevor is building on the NSW south coast in Australia from a Duflex kit. We are currently working with ATL technologies in Australia to design and manufacture kits for all of our designs. See separate news posting.

RAW36 folding trimaran concept
RAW36 folding trimaran concept

23rd Sept 2013

We've added some preliminary details of a couple of 36'/11m LOA concept trimaran designs to the Rocket Range after an enquiry from a European customer who needs to fold down to avoid paying for two marina pens. It might be a common problem for multihull owners in various parts.

See more here

23rd Sept 2014

Creative solution for rudder stocks
The problem with fitting underhung balanced spade rudders is that unless you have a factory with a very high roof you have to either dig up the floor or fit the rudders when you lift the boat off the truck with the crane on launch day, in which case your rudder bearings need to be a good fit and perfectly aligned or the crane hire cost is going start adding up.

Arnie Duckworth came up with another solution for his Barefoot 40. He built rectangular carbon rudder stocks and fitted them to sockets in the rudder blade.

When the rudders are ready for final assembly the stocks will simply be dropped down into the rudders from above and glued into place.

11th August 2014

Taeping in Full flight

Dave Andews sent us this great shot of Taeping leading the fleet in the sixty nautical mile two handed race on the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand on the weekend. Taeping was the quickest multi in the New Zealand fleet for three years but in recent times the appearance of the ORMA60 and some lightweight foilers have set her back in the rankings on boat speed. 

Dave reports that fitting the hiking racks gave the boat some extra speed, bumping up their best recorded speed from 27 to 29 knots but in winds of up to 20 knots Taeping is outcalssed by the lightweight foilers.



11th August 2014

Mad Max is leading the Point Score at Airlie Race Week 2014. On day 3 Mad Max is on 5 points after the first three races. Fantasia is in second potition on 6 points and Chillpill third on 8 points. Racing finishes on Friday August 15th.

The first race was sailed in very gusty conditions with bursts of over 30 knots. One monohull rolled over after losing its' keel and three more were dismasted.

You can see the full results here

The photo is of Bare Essentials competing in Airlie Race Week 2013



Barefoot 45 Equinox was launched recently in Thailand and will undergo sea trials in the coming weeks.



Mad Max int he Bay to Bay Race


PBH, CBH, OMR and first across the line. Tony Considine's Mad Max cleaned up the trophies in the 34th Annual Bay to Bay Race sponsored by the Hervey Bay Sailing Club.

I asked Tony how many times he had won the race in Mad Max. He wasn't sure but he thought "about 6 wins in Mad Max for both races and 3 in Max at Marly Point". 

It's tough when you have to try to keep track of so many races. Tony's first win at both venues, Marlay and Bay to Bay, was in Born to Run in 1986. At some stage he became convinced that cats would be quicker than trimarans and dropped a hull when he built the original Max (now Indian Chief).

It would be nice to see some more high performance trimarans getting amongst the action in some of these races. Check out the latest design work on the Rocket Factory web site if you're looking for some new equipment.

Mad Max's elapsed time was 3h. 42mins, fully one hour and twenty three minutes ahead of the second boat over the line.

Darren Drew's 30' Indian Chief has an impressive racing history including winner of the 2012 Australian Multihull National Championships. Indian Chief has been getting some feisty competition recently from Chris Williams' Seacart 30 Morticia, who beat Indian Chief to take out the National Championships in Port Lincoln this year (2014). Morticia also beat Indian Chief in the recent Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Race after overtaking the Chief near the half way mark.

It's an interesting dynamic with Indian Chief often showing superior boat speed whenever she's able to fly the windward hull. Both boats are based on Pittwater north of Sydney. The cat versus trimaran debate is alive and well and no doubt we going to see more lively competition.