What we do

Our journey starts with asking questions and imagining whats possible.


We craft the curves, finesse the forms. We bring in the technicians, the mathematicians, sometimes the magicians. We call up the makers and the movers and shakers.


Join us on our journey, or let yours begin when ours is done.

What you’re imagining just might be possible.

And if it’s not we can probably make some magic happen anyway.


Tony Grainger






What we really do

Multihull yacht design and construction has come a long way since I created my first design in 1986. Evolution never ceases in nature and there’s no reason for it to cease in yacht design and manufacture either. 

We’re here to bring you the latest in design technology in hull shapes, in styling, in engineering. We're here to get you mobile on the water with the least amount of drama possible.


We’re here to connect you with the products and the services that will streamline the build process and bring your own yacht life with the most cost effective build methods we can conjure, the best possible assurance that you will have a quality product with the least amount of fuss.


Browse the designs. Check out the people and the companies we’re partnered with in The Partners Network. And when you have some questions don’t be backward in getting on the phone or the email.

Not the first design but one of the first. And she's been first in fleet more than once. She's been called ATL/Oaks. Dux Nuts and Moving Finger. She'll always be called one of my favourites.



So who are these technicians, mathematicians and movers and shakers?

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