Catamaran Ullman Sails
Shirley Wodson Photo

Paul Mitchell's Ullman Sails on her way to winning the Airlie Beach Race Week Regatta for the second successive year. Details on the News Page

Where we are

In 2018 Grainger designed Sports Cats are at the pinnacle of racing performance in Australia, currently holding the trophy for Australian Multihull Championships (Ullman Sails) and line honors in the Brisbane to Gladstone Race (AYS Raider).


In 2018 the Raku range has been refreshed with new models and design features that give our customers a broad range of options in the arrangement, the build process and the equipping of the boat.


In 2018 at Grainger Designs we're seeking out new manufacturing technologies, new design concepts, and ever closer engagement with our customers, with boat builders and with industry professionals around the world.


In 2018 we introduce the Raku Market to showcase the products and services of our Network Partners and provide our customers with ready access to the specialist skills and products it takes to make a modern high performance sailing catamaran.

Who we are

With a host of increasingly demanding technologies coming into play it takes a team to create a design for a modern multihull yacht. Meet two of the team members here.

Tony Grainger

In 1986 Multihull yachts were rapidly evolving in technology and design. Tony Grainger was living aboard his own trimaran at the time and established Grainger Designs in that year with a deeply held conviction there was plenty of work yet to be done.


Dan Bradford

Dan has a history in boats that includes spending a year with his family living aboard a cruising cat to racing in skiffs and dinghies and cruising the Whitsunday Islands in his 16' Calyspo cat.

 Dan has a degree in Engineering at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania specialising in Naval Architecture. His expertise encompases modeling, draughting, engineering and pretty much all aspects of the design process.


Here's a serious piece of racing equipment if you're keen to join the action at the Australian Multihull Championships at Wangi in November. If you're overseas the Aussie dollar is at a very low low and Time Machine can fit in a container for easy shipping.


See the full inventory here:


See an article on Time Machine here:

The work we do

If you're inspired by what we do press CONNECT and let's chat.






Lightning strikes on yachts are quite common, especially in the tropics. Apart from devastating the electrical system a strike can leave the owner and crew uncertain what damage might have been done to the rig and other critical structural elements.

Aircraft manufacturers make use of surfacing films with a metallic mesh to protect composite aircraft structures from lightning damage.  

Recent ongoing research by Boeing has suggested that aircraft may benefit from electrically charging the aircraft body to protect agains lightning strikes. 


Might these measures have implications for yachts, and especially multihulls which appear to be far more vulnerable to lightning strikes than monohulls for reasons that are not immediately apparent..

We look at the information that is out there and coming to light through research


Photos of boats we've designed including a great range of shots from leading professional marine photographers

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Connect with the people, the products and the services that go into building and sailing a modern high performance multihull

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Discussion of topics related to design, construction, technology and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

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The R42 build gallery has moved to the gallery pages and its been reversed so the latest photos are on the top.

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Raku FAQ



We've set up an FAQ page for the Raku cats.

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Have a question about the Raku designs, the kits, the build method we haven't addressed?

Drop it on an email and we'll see what we can come up with.


Pricing for the full range of Raku Kits is online now. See the Raku Range with prices for kits and plans here.