New 50' cruising cat and latest shots from the R42 factory.

Latest shot from the R42 build factory. See the full build gallery here.


Self educated in the art of creating water borne projectiles with quite a bit of credit due to C A Marchaj and Douglas Phillips-Birt.


What we do would not be possible without the masters we work with in boat building, sailmaking, rigging, engineering, and all the other skills that help to bring our designs to life.


And many thanks to the sailors who take out boats to some of the exotic locations on the planet, and to the racing skipper and crews who sometimes drive the boats to levels of performance I never imagined was possible.



Dan has a history in boats that includes spending a year with his family living aboard a cruising cat to racing in skiffs and dinghies and cruising the Whitsunday Islands in his 16' Calyspo cat. He has recently been working hands on with Jamie Morris on the Construction of the R42 trimaran on the Australian Gold Coast.

 Dan has a degree in Engineering at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania specialising in Naval Architecture. His expertise encompases modeling, draughting, engineering and pretty much all aspects of the design process.


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