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What we do

Multihull yacht design and construction has come a long way since I created my first design in 1986. Evolution never ceases in nature and there’s no reason for it to cease in yacht design and manufacture either. 


Our journey starts with asking questions and imagining whats possible.

 We craft the curves, finesse the forms. We bring in the technicians, the mathematicians, sometimes the magicians. We call up the makers and the movers and shakers.


We’re here to bring you the latest in design technology in hull shapes, in styling, in engineering, to connect you with the products and the services that will streamline the build process and bring your own yacht life with the most cost effective build methods we can conjure. 


Browse the designs. Check out the people and the companies we’re partnered with in The Partners Network.


Join us on our journey, or let yours begin when ours is done.

What you’re imagining just might be possible.

And if it’s not we can probably make some magic happen anyway.


Tony Grainger

Photo of yacht designer Tony Grainger
Tony Grainger
Photo of racing trimaran ATL/Oaks

Not the first design but one of the first. And she's been first in fleet more than once. She's been called ATL/Oaks. Dux Nuts and Moving Finger. She'll always be called one of my favourites.

Ullman Sails wins Airlie Beach Race Week 2017

Ullman Sails photo by Shirley Wodson
Ullman Sails - Winner Airlie Beach Race Week 2017

Congratulation to Paul and Dale Mitchell and anyone else who was pulling strings to achieve this result agains some tough competition at Airlie Beach Race Week 2017.

Ullman Sails managed to clinch victory in the last race in a series that was closely contested with Diam 24 Fury Road. It was a line ball situation  right up to the last race. Ullman sails took lines honours in every race.


All photos of Ullman Sails on this page by Shirly Wodson. Click on any of them for a larger image. And visit Shirley's gallery pages for more great photos.

Ullman Sails racing in Airlie Beach Race Week 2017
Ullman Sails racing in Airlie Beach Race Week 2017

Ullman Sails on the Pace at Airlie

Paul Mitchell’s Ullman Sails is off to a promising start in the first race of Airlie Beach Race week 2017 with a very tight corrected time margin over George Owen’s new Diam 24 Fury Road


As the previous skipper of Ullman Sails (then known as Mad Max) this no doubt leaves George hungry to turn the tables and it looks as though we’re going to see some close racing in this series. 

Ullman Sails was also first across the line with a margin of 38 minutes over Fury Road after 3 hours, 40 minutes of racing.


Two other Diam 24’s are contesting the series along with Mike Peberdy’s XL2 (Crowther Shockwave) and Darren Drew’s Crowther 50 Top Gun


Ullman Sails on her way to winning the Airlie Beach Race Week Series
Ullman Sails on her way to winning the Airlie Beach Race Week Series

Work with Us

Want to work in Yacht Design or some field very useful to our work? We regularly get work applications and requests for internships.

On this page we present an article on what we do and what we want to know about you to raise our interest in employing your skills and talents.

work with us


C Foils for Trimarans. Are they right for your boat?

The latest article in the LAB is about trimaran C Foils. We see them on most of the large offshore racing trimarans, but are they the right choice for smaller trimarans mostly racing inshore?


See the full article here: https: C Foils for Trimarans

Current Marine to build TR36 Trimaran

Current marine based in South Africa have been appointed to build the TR36 trimaran with a sail away price of USD 295k ex factory including a carbon rig and two sails by Ullman. The TR36 is demountable for shipping and can be transported in two standard 40’ shipping containers.

Construction is infused in epoxy with PVC foam core, glass and carbon fabrics.

Build time is approximately six months from confirmation of order.

For a detailed spec. and price contact Julian Kneale at Current Marine 

Current Marine

For more specific design details contact Grainger Designs

TR36 trimaran
TR36 Open Cockpit Version

Raku 48 Goes Electric

A new Raku 48 to start construction in Capetown is planned for an electric regenerative drive system from Oceanvolt. The design will use an aft helm station and has been modified with more width to the cabin top allow for additional area for solar panels, with the additional benefit of more shade in the cockpit.


For pricing and available build slots for Raku 48 contact Ashley at North Star Multihulls  Ashley <>