Congratulations to Geoff Berg and crew of AYS Indian Chief, first across the line in the 2018 Brisbane to Gladstone. The red boat has a remarkable history under three previous owners including a  Gladstone attempt thwarted by a capsize.


Thanks to Kellie Morris for this great shot near the M9 on Moreton Bay  not long after the start of the race.

What we do

Multihull yacht design and construction has come a long way since I created my first design in 1986. Evolution never ceases in nature and there’s no reason for it to cease in yacht design and manufacture either. 


Our journey starts with asking questions and imagining whats possible.

We craft the curves, finesse the forms. We bring in the technicians, the mathematicians, sometimes the magicians. We call up the makers and the movers and shakers.


We’re here to bring you the latest in design technology in hull shapes, in styling, in engineering, to connect you with the products and the services that will streamline the build process and bring your own yacht life with the most cost effective build methods we can conjure. 


Browse the designs. Check out the people and the companies we’re partnered with in The Partners Network.


Join us on our journey, or let yours begin when ours is done.

What you’re imagining just might be possible.

And if it’s not we can probably make some magic happen anyway.


Tony Grainger


Photo of yacht designer Tony Grainger
Tony Grainger
Photo of racing trimaran ATL/Oaks

Not the first design but one of the first. And she's been first in fleet more than once. She's been called ATL/Oaks. Dux Nuts and Moving Finger. She'll always be called one of my favourites.

Photos of boats we've designed including a great range of shots from leading professional marine photographers

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Connect with the people, the products and the services that go into building and sailing a modern high performance multihull

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A space where we explore articles and ideas on multihull engineering, design features and sailing technology in general.

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New design coming - Raku 52

Introducing a brand new version of the Raku 52 designed to incorporate a host of new design features including a choice of power systems and accommodation layouts. Helm station can be aft or on the cockpit BH and a custom cockpit for a tiller steered version is under consideration.

Raku 52 features an open layout with a seamless transition between the saloon and the cockpit effectively creating the look, the functionality of a much larger design.

Raku 52 is available from around USD975k ex Thailand.

Raku 52 page here.

R42 Build Gallery Page Updated

We've created a gallery page to follow construction of the R42 trimaran at BoatWorks. See the latest updates here.

New Article: The unusual physics of wind blown sailing devices

Computer chips double in performance and halve in cost every 18 to 24 months. Other small technologies do the same thing. Big things don't become more efficient at the same rate because they need more energy to improve their performance. Cars double their speed about every 43 years. Sailing yachts have quadrupled in performance in the same time. Are sailing boats unique in our world of large objects that transport things, and do they follow a completely different trajectory in the way they become more efficient over time?

Does this provide us with tools to help predict where sailing technology might be headed?

I have prepared an article which forms the basis of an ongoing study into what appears to be an unusual phenomenon.

 See a draft of the article here.


Image at right: Maureva, the first modern multihull to circumnavigate the globe single handed.

New Cat Coming

We have a brand new cat on the drawing boards. It's a mini cruiser with some cool styling and the potential for some pretty sharp performance. Martin Vanzulli (yes that Martin;  www.catsailingnews.com ) suggested we take our Flying Fish 11 and trim it down a bit, add a hard top and some fresh styling and see if we had something worth posting on the w's. Well we think it turned out OK - heck I even put my name on it!

Any pro builders out there looking for a new project in this size range please let us know- we're keen to talk to you. See more images here:

Surviving Maria

Many boats were lost in the twin hurricanes that battered the Caribbean in September 2017. Fortunately Larry Ketten's TR40 Morello was not one of them. Larry has generously described his preparation for the storm and sent us some photos of the set up that saved Morello.

Read how Larry prepared Morello and survived winds that registered up to 173 knots.



Time has Come is a story in two parts about a new racing trimaran on the Australian circuit, Put together by Tony Grainger with assistance from Time Machine's owner Matt von Bibra, it refers to Time Machine's design heritage, its history, and provides some interesting details about the design.

See the story here:

Trimaran Time Machine racing
Time Machine competing in the Australian Multihull Championships in Brisbane 2017. Julie Geldard photo.

Photo Action at Australian Multihull Championships

9th Oct 2017

Julie Geldard snapped these four great shots and many others at the Australian Multihull Championships 2017. See the more of Julie's shots at vidpicpro.com/yacht-racing

From top left clockwise; Boatworks, Fury Road, Time Machine, Ullman Sails.


8th Oct 2017

Exceptional boat exceptionally well sailed. An exceptional combination that has once again seen Ullman Sails (previously Mad Max and also previous holder of the title) take out the Australian Multihull Championships in a competitive fleet of twelve boats sailing on Moreton Bay.

Congratulations to skipper and crew.

Thanks to Tony Considine for the photo.

Latest Design

Mauritius is an Island. It's also a way to get to an island. Or if you have the inclination a whole number of islands. Mauritius is designed for fun, for exploring, for experiencing the world's oceans and the marine environment. You can see more of Mauritius here:

TR36 Work in Progress

Work is under way on the first TR36 at Currrent Marine in South Africa and we will have some new renders to publish in the coming weeks. Here's the first one.

Two highly accredited builders join our Partners Network

Two experienced and highly acclaimed Australian multihull boat builders have joined our Partners Network and are available to quote on custom projects.

They are Jamie Morris from Australian Custom Multihull Yachts and Julian Griffiths from Noosa Marine.

Jamie is no new comer to our designs, having built and more recently done a refit on Cut Loose.


Julian is yet to build one of our boats from the bottom up but he has a background in custom boats in the larger size range. Julian is well familiar with our designs having skippered Boatworks in the Brisbane to Gladstone Race and Hamilton Island Race Week in 2015.


Find the contact details for both of these builders in out Partner’s Network Page. www.graingerdesigns.net/build/partners-network

Cut Loose 55' cat built by Jamie Morris
Cut Loose at Inskip Point - Built by Jamie Morris
Boatworks in the Brisbane to Gladstone Race 2015
Boatworks (previously Indian Chief under the command of Julian Griffiths in the Brisbane to Gladstone Race in 2015