Many thanks to Gabriel Penido for forwarding the videos and images on display on the this page. Videos of the build will be posted on our YouTube Channel as they become available. Photos are posted most recent ones on top.

 The strips were cut from full length panels which were infused full length in VE resin with Divinycell cores. Using broader strips reduces the number of glue joins but finer strips create a fairer surfaces that requires less sanding and less filler.

Note that the king plank (the full length plank just above the opening) has been carefully aligned along the bilge curve, and then the planking line has been reset below the bilge curve. This is so that none of the planks will have to cross the bilge curve at an angle that would induce twisting in the planks.

Setting up the lines for infusion of full length panels to make the strips for the hull planking. See a time lapse video on our YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxJOdBw30eQ