TRIMARANS - One Designer’s Perspective

 I’ve never bought the argument that trimarans don’t make good cruising boats and I’ve never believed that you have to justify owning one.

As sailors we use our boats in diverse ways and we have diverse expectations from our craft. We’re blessed to have a wealth of options in the type of craft we choose to sail.


Multihulls have their roots as tools of trade; fishing and migration. They’ve evolved into yachts for pleasure, adventure and exploration as people have come to recognise their inherent qualities of performance and their superior handling characteristics. 




Study drawings for Echo - one of Dick Newick's elegant creations

The modern multihulls that evolved in the 1950’s and 60’s were primarily performance based craft, often elegant in their lines and highly capable at sea. For the most part in the evolution of the modern multihull the accommodation space was of secondary consideration, sometimes perhaps of no concern at all.


As people became aware of the accommodation space that catamarans afford cats became the default choice for charter and personal cruising boats. They began to be exploited more for their living and socialising spaces, sometimes in good taste but often without due consideration for sailing qualities or style, to the extent that some of the craft we see today we might prefer not to see, and whose capability of crossing oceans may be questionable.


In a world of ever diminishing natural resources and increasing pollution we can be proud that we use a fuel that is endlessly replenished as long as the fires of the sun keep burning and air continues to circulate between the high and low pressure cells that envelope our planet. 


The choice of craft that we make to harness those winds is personal. It’s more than a choice of practicalities. A seaside apartment is practical. A foiling moth is no more practical than a snowboard or a big bike. 


Our yachts are an expression of the way we choose to sail and experience the ocean. Part of the enjoyment is that freedom of expression.





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