Typical weight at launch with alum rig and 2 x 54HP Yanmar Sail Drives 10150kg



Infused foam/glass/carbon

Price: USD1.39m Ready to sail.


 For enquiries for custom build, plans and building kits contact Tony Grainger graingerdesigns@gmail.com




Beam CL-CL

Hull Draf

Draft Rudder

Draft Daggerboard 

Draft Fixed Keel 

Disp. DWL

Disp Max

Max Payload 

Mast Height 

Air Draft 

Aux Power 




Self Tacking Jib 

Code Zero/Screecher 



Dimensions in mm

15800 (51'10")








14660kg (WL+150mm)




Twin Sail Drive 45-75HP










Layout Options


Classic Layout with central bathroom to Stbd

Open Layout with fwd bathrooms port and Stbd

Many of our designs have used this layout or one very similar to it. On the this drawing the opening to the saloon from the cockpit is 1.3m wide. It can be fitted with sliding or folding doors. One significant advantage of limiting the width of the opening is that you can fit more cabinets and have more counter space in the galley area.


The centre bathroom shown to Stbd can be replicated to Port, or to create a more spacious feel in the saloon simply fit two forward bathrooms as shown in the open version.


Open Layout

The opening shown on the this drawing is 1900 wide and the galley bench is intruding into the opening. The hatched area in way of the saloon Bulkhead is a drain to prevent or minimise water from entering the saloon area if there is no sill for the saloon BH.


Note that a transverse beam may be required under the BH for CE compliance. This is a simpler arrangement than the Classic Layout but does not so well suited to a centre bathroom arrangement.


The cabinet forward in the saloon to Stbd can be used for navigation or additional galley bench space. The area immediately behind the mast can be a seat or can be the nav. station if the nav sun. is not in the fwd corner to Stbd.

Raku 52 Interior Layouts

Classic Layout central bathroom in Stbd hull and owners cabin to port. Additional berths can be accommodated on the wing forward of the mast BH

Open layout with no sill at the saloon bulkhead and a grate to prevent water entering the saloon. With this arrangement hatch boards should be provided at the access to the hull cabins

Classic layout with centre bathroom to Stbd and berths in the aft cabin against the saloon BH. The double berths can be moved aft 600mm to create a private space for dressing and clothes storage as shown in the renders for the open version.

Classic layout with centre bathroom to Stbd and berths in the aft cabin against the saloon BH

Open Layout looking forward into the saloon from the cockpit

It was 1997 when we penned the lines for the Chincogan 52 and Pete Coram's team set to work to build the tooling in a factory adjacent to the cane fields in Northern NSW, Australia.

First boat out of the Factory was Julian Way's Catchus which quickly demonstrated a penchant for the open ocean, effortlessly eating up the miles and serving as a highly amenable retreat on mutliple forays into exotic locations in Asian and Western Pacific waters.

Chincogan 52 is no longer in production but examples are keenly sought after and several of the 52's have been or are currently being refitted for extended cruising including at least two circumnavigations that we know of.


Raku 52 borrows a lot of her DNA from the Chincogan, but also incorporates new features and we expect the new design to carry the Chincogan spirit well into the future.

Raku 52 Study Plans