Effortless sailing, boundless horizons and a range of layouts to suit your lifestyle. 

Raku 52 is available in two basic configurations;

The first we call the classic version. It features a conventional profile with raked transoms. The classic is a blue water cruiser suited to inboard power and fixed spade rudders under the hulls.

The second is the Squareback version. Squareback is ideal for day charter, especially in tropical waters. This version can deploy retractable transom mounted rudders and outboard motors. 

Both configurations offer a broad range of options including a range of accommodation layouts, rig configurations and auxiliary power options. 

Both versions can deploy mini keels or daggerboards.

It is likely we will provide a cockpit layout suited to tiller steering for the Squareback version.



DISP. DWL (max disp.) 13380 29436 950mm/3'2"
DWL+50mm (2") 11924 26232  1000mm/3'4"
DWL+100mm (4") 10526 23157 1.05m/3'6"
DWL+150mm 9186kg 20209lb 1.10m/3'8"



LOA 15.2m 52'
BOA 8.3m  27'3"
Beam CL-CL 6.4m 21'0"
Hull draught DWL 603mm 2'
Draught Fixed Keel 1100mm 3'7"
Hull B:L Ratio 1:14  
Headroom Saloon  2.1m 6'10"

Raku 52 AUX. POWER

•Aux Power2 x Yanmar Sail Drive 45 - 75HP

•Electric Propulsion options from Oceanvolt

•The SQUAREBACK version is designed for charter operations in South East Asian water where outboard motors are a viable option in this size range

Raku 52 catamaran Squareback version
Squareback version with daggerboards

Squareback four cabin charter version with forward helm station. Fwd berths on the wingdeck.

Squareback four cabin charter version with aft helm stations. Fwd berths on the wingdeck.

Squareback version with standard accommodation arrangement and forward helm. Fwd berth in the hull.

Squareback version with standard accommodation arrangement and aft helms. Fwd berth in the hull.

Raku 52 Charter four cabin charter version with classic hull  and helm stations forward.

Raku 52 Squareback four cabin charter version with helm stations aft.

Raku 52 Inboard Profiles for 4 cabin charter version with daggerboards. The top version has the helm forward and the lower version helm aft.



Open wide for an open layout and cool air in the tropics (left), or create a layout with a more conventional access to provide greater flexibility with the layout in the saloon

Raku 52 with Classic hull. Click for a bigger image.

Deck layout for Classic configuration with aft helm stations, catwalk and daggerboards

Raku 52 Squareback with catwalk and composite forebeam 

Raku 52 Squareback with longeron and composite forebeam


Preliminary Pricing Estimates 


 Duflex Panel Kit

±USD 106,000


Pro Build Sail Away


It was 1997 when we penned the lines for the Chincogan 52 and Pete Coram's team set to work to build the tooling in a factory adjacent to the cane fields in Northern NSW, Australia.

First boat out of the Factory was Julian Way's Catchuswhich quickly demonstrated a penchant for the open ocean, effortlessly eating up the miles and serving as a highly amenable retreat on mutliple forays into exotic locations in Asian and Western Pacific waters.

Chincogan 52 is no longer in production but examples are keenly sought after and several of the 52's have been or are currently being refitted for extended cruising including at least two circumnavigations that we know of.


Raku 52 borrows a lot of her DNA from the Chincogan, but also incorporates new features and we expect the new design to carry the Chincogan spirit well into the future.

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