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Livewire 28 Sports Catamaran
Livewire 28

Our Sports Cats are legendary for their race winning performance. They share a host of titles from inshore and offshore events. We've introduced the Livewire cats to carry that legacy froward,

The Livewire cats can be built from plans by amateur or professional builders. 

Central Spine for Stowage and Rigid Platform

Livewire 28 Central Spine

The central spine is  rigid structure that allows you to crank on the forestay and mainsheet tension for optimum upwind performance.

It serves as a secure storage pod for anchor and chain, and other items that need to readily accessible from the deck.


It’s also a great space for keeping  lazy sheets out of the way and it provides firm mounting base for the outboard auxiliary while concentrating the weight close to the centre of buoyancy.

If you’re running a screecher or Code Zero to windward the central spine provides the ideal platform for sheet blocks so you can rig a bridle or a barber hauler between the hull and the spine.




The Livewire 28 is the latest iteration in a series of  high performance  Sports Cats from Grainger Designs  including the boat featured here

(clockwise from top right)


Boatworks, Barefoot, Mad Max

Activate your own Livewire. Plans kits, components, Livewire 28 ready to blast built to order available now.

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