Cut Loose

A fast and capable cruiser with ease of handling for just one or two people.

In 2002 we received a request for a high performance cruising cat with a design brief that was a bit out of the ordinary at the time. 

In essence the design brief was simple: a 40’ cat with 55’ long hulls. In fact the owner, Gary Martin took it a bit further than that.

There was to be no accommodation at all forward of the mast BH,

There wouldn’t even me a door in the mast BH, it would be completely watertight.


It was a design brief from a couple intent on a cruising lifestyle with the optimum in sea handling, performance and simplicity.

Cut Loose had two double cabins, one in each hull aft of the companionway BH. The saloon was 3.2m long.

The Cut Loose concept has become broadly adapted in the multihull sailing community and we see a broad range of boats of this style from production builders and custom designers as alike.

Catamaran Cutloose