We created the Raku Range of sailing catamarans in response to a commonly heard complaint that a lot of the catamarans out there are simply not great sailing machines. From the start we conceived the Raku range to fill the gap in the market for a cruising cat with good wing deck clearance, good upwind ability under sail, and a low displacement to length ratio for agile performance.

Throw in some smart styling and lightweight construction methods and Raku ticks a lot of boxes for an enjoyable sailing experience.





 How much does it cost to order a Raku sailing catamaran and have it custom built to your specifications? It depends where you are, it depends on the options you select, and its subject to a number of variables including currency exchange rates.

To put you in the picture we've prepared a pricing guide for the Raku range based on recent quotes from some of the builders we work with.

If you're interested in owning your own Raku get in touch. We'll suggest a budget that you can expect for the model of your choice and put you in touch with a recommended builder in your part of the world.




Raku cats don't come out of moulds. They're built one off to order in epoxy resin and PVC foam cores. The laminates are designed for strength, stiffness and light weight, not simply to expedite the construction process. One off construction in epoxy avoids the need for two of the materials that contribute most significantly to laminate weight without making a beneficial contribution to the integrity of the structure. Those are chopped strand matt and gelcoat.