OB Motor can mount in the boarding deck or in a cutaway in the transom coaming.

Liferaft canister stores under the cockpit seat.

TR36's sleek powerful floats shamelessly borrowed from the TR42 with a bit of scaling work.

Main hull is 1:10 beam to length ratio. Broad enough for weight carrying and to have minimal wetted area in the light - fine enough to carve a narrow furrow before it flies.

TR36 Basic Specifications

LOA  11m  36'
Beam OA 8.26m 27"
Beam CL-CL 3.9m 12'10"
Beam Main Hull 3.059m 10,
Height of Main Hull 2.191m 7'3"
Main Hull B:L 1 : 10.24  
 Disp DWL  2946kg  6481lb
Mainsail 46.95sq.m.  505sq.ft
Solent  26.12sq.m. 281sq.ft
Code Zero  45.8sq.m.  493sq.ft
Gennaker (MH)  102.4sq.m.  1102sq.ft
Mast Length  14.608m.  48'8"
Air Draft  16.4m.  53'10"ft.
Mast Position 50% LOA from bow  

Details shown on renderings or drawings are not necessarily standard items included in plans or build specifications. Details are subject to change without notice.